It didn’t show up the way I thought it would…

Posted on 05 November 2019

I can’t tell you how many things I’ve manifested in my life that I almost didn’t notice had arrived —because they didn’t show up the way I expected.

Like this: I want a new friend, and I’m staring at people I think might make good friends, but it’s not happening. We’re not clicking, and I’m frustrated. Then, I come home one weekend and realize — I’d just had the friend experience I was wanting, from someone I didn’t expect. It was all initiated by her, and our conversation was super nurturing to me. Wow!

Or this: I’m looking and looking for the next level of professional development, scouting courses and comparing programs for months. Nothing lands in as a fit, no matter how much I search. Then, one day it dawns on me that an unrelated class I’m taking for fun has actually just given me everything I was seeking to up-level my coaching. It arrived as a bonus, cost me nothing extra, and it met me right where I was at.

Isn’t that interesting?

It never happens the way I think it’s going to happen. But it does happen!

I like to remind my clients of this often, because I see it with them too. Our minds try really hard to imagine the scenario, the direction, the way it’s all going to show up for us, but we can’t. In fact, whatever direction we’re staring at intensely can’t deliver for us when we’re filling it with our push-and-pull effort.

What we are seeking most often comes from a direction in which we are not being hyper-vigilant or hyper-controlling. We can even miss it if we’re too wrapped up in our frustration and expectation.

It’s good to remember this. Relax about your desires. Be easy about them. Hold them loosely in your thoughts. Be aware of what is to the left of you, and the right of you, what’s behind you, and what’s on the horizon. Expand your gaze into your periphery and notice what is showing up for you.

Life is always showing up for you. New experiences and people and possibilities are always arriving. Your job is to receive them, delight in them, and appreciate all that life creates for you. And that is something you can practice.

November is a good month to pull out a gratitude journal, and acknowledge what you have been manifesting. Or sign up for this month’s daily class, Living Abundance, and explore how the energy of receiving generates more abundance.

Life is good at delivering. Soften to receive it.

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