Is it still fire season?

Posted on 06 December 2017

There are currently several fires burning here in Southern California, and for the second time this year, my boyfriend’s home is darn close to the fire path. He’s again gone through the emotional experience of packing up his most valuable possessions and evacuating to my home in a part of LA that is not threatened by fire. Yesterday and today we watched the fire zone maps, following all the fire coverage we can find, watching our friend’s status updates, and generally keeping an eye on the whole scene. It’s intense to watch the hillsides burn and homes go up in flames.

What energy, space and consciousness can we BE when things are ‘hot’ that creates greater ease?

One of the ‘rules’ of our life is “everything is a contribution.” Even the things that can feel like trauma or drama, can contribute more — when we are open to receive.

What can he receive from the experience of this fire? Can the fire contribute to his life? Can this experience create a greater future? Yes, yes, yes.

Bryan has gotten to evaluate what’s important to him in his life — twice.
So many people have reached out to check on him — it’s a huge acknowledgment of how much he is cared for and loved.
His relationship with his neighbors and landlords has grown closer.
His appreciate of his home and connection to the land around him just keeps expanding too.

You may not be in the path of fire this week (if you are, please reach out. I’d love to gift you a session), but whatever IS going on in your life, go ahead and ask: What can this contribute to me? And as you walk through what’s in front of you, ask: What energy, space and consciousness can I be to receive this with ease?

These are a few tools of Access Consciousness. If you’d like more, show up for a class or book a session.  As always, I am grateful you are in my world. Thank you for being you.

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