Letting Go Of The Impossible Standard

Posted on 06 March 2014

I spent years of my life holding myself to impossible standards of perfection, doing my best to be who I thought everyone wanted me to be, and jockeying for position in the game of comparison – all of which was simply exhausting. Can you relate?

This is how many of us walk through our lives. Maybe it starts in school as we’re celebrated or scolded for our grades. Maybe it starts at home as we compete for our parent’s attention. Maybe it starts on the playground…

Who cares where it starts?

Attempting to live up to subjective standards of worthiness only yields inner tension and a warped sense of self-esteem. Efforting, trying, competing and comparing does not equal true confidence.

Add text(5)No one can make you confident. No one can give you a healthy sense of self-esteem. It doesn’t come from outside of you.

True confidence can only come from your willingness to think well of yourself, to believe that you are valuable, competent, worthy, smart, kind, beautiful, ______ (you fill in the blank), simply because you are.

Feel the shift from conditional worthiness to unconditional worthiness? It’s a big one!

The truth is, you’re Divine! Seriously, you are Divine. A unique emanation of God-stuff, incarnate as the human being known as YOU. Stand in that kind of vibrational alignment of self-worth, and you’ll are the embodiment of confidence.

Let’s bring this down to Earth. 
Take a inner inventory. Ask yourself:

  • Where am I judging myself as not enough or too much?
  • In what area of my life am I holding myself to an impossible standard of perfection?
  • Who am I comparing myself to?

And then consider… are you willing to stop playing that game of the ego?

Take it to the streets today… Give yourself a blank slate, a perfect score, an A+. Surrender the thinking that you have to DO more to be worthy.

Shake off your tension, breathe a bit deeper, and affirm: I am enough as I am. What I do is enough. What I am is enough. What I have is enough.

Good. Now go forth CONFIDENTLY. Inside out, my friends. Live it!


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