Inside a coaching session…

Posted on 27 July 2023

No matter what my client is working on, here’s what I’m listening for in a coaching session:

What beliefs are at play here?

What else is happening below the surface?

What do they truly want to create and experience next?

What is the path of greatest alignment forward?

In all of this, I’m feeling for opening and expansion.

We may be talking about something that is deeply painful or frustrating or confusing. It may be tumbling out in a jumbled mess of thoughts or feelings.

Yet, sessions are intentional times. This isn’t unconscious rambling.

We’re focused.

I’m listening. My client is hearing and feeling their experience. And somewhere in that space of presence comes an opening.

Something lightens.

It can feel like a lightbulb moment or a sigh of relief. It might be a new thought or a glimpse of a path forward.

It feels better. It feels hopeful.

A sense of space and possibility begin to emerge.

And if we step in that direction, there’s more…

A life created from moments of clarity and lightness is a good life, an aligned life. The best ideas, the greatest solutions, the kindest and most loving way forward is found in these moments.

That’s the point of doing the inner work.

I’m here for it.

Book coaching sessions as you need them or commit to regular weekly sessions for intentional change. My calendar is open to you.


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