Let your Inner Hero OUT!

Posted on 15 May 2014

Last week a young boy about three years old caught my eye. In his batman shirt and batman cape, he moved in bounding leaps, happy and confident, taking it upon himself to open the door for people who passed by. I remember having a Wonder Woman costume when I was child.   Like this boy, when I wore my Wonder Woman clothes, I felt different – powerful, eager, unstoppable.

Why do super hero icons appeal to us? Why do we make up stories of super powers and heroes (and sheroes!) who save the day?

Heroes are those who step out of their ordinary lives, out of their comfort zones, out of their average identities, and act in ways that are courageous and valiant.  They may not have been born marvels, and yet, they rise above what otherwise might be expected of them, and make a difference.

We all have that capacity. And, I believe, even if we are afraid of it, that we do want that opportunity.

I don’t always feel confident. I certainly don’t wake up every day feeling extraordinary.  I don’t make the most valiant or heroic choice in every situation. And yet, I can. I want to. And sometimes, that’s exactly what Life calls me to do.

These moments of heroic choice are opportunities to be excellent, generous, selfless, and committed to something greater than ourselves. And, just as the stories tell us, I believe these are the moments that most have the power to shape the course of human history!

Whether it’s slowing down enough to hold the door open for someone, or performing any other act of generosity, notice the opportunity to be valiant – it’s there in your world today. Notice an opportunity to contribute to a change, to voice a powerful truth, or to start a new project that will make a difference. Be bold enough to step out of the ordinary and into confidence and courage.

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