In the story of your life, you’re the one that gives it meaning.

Posted on 31 May 2023

You can’t force your good, but you can receive your life as good.

In the story of your life, you’re the one that gives it meaning.

Change is inevitable. Something new is always emerging — through you and as you.

Your control is limited, but your choice of how to be with everything that comes is endless.

Call it all good.

Marvel at what shows up — even when it’s not what you expected or even wanted.

Open your heart at every stage.

Life is unfolding and carrying you forward, inviting you to grow wiser, richer, and more yourself.

Everything you go through eventually becomes the compost for your next becoming.

Let the hard times forge strength and resilience into your character.

Let the quiet times give you deeper roots and more awareness of your next authentic truths and desires.

And when it’s time to emerge and express more of yourself, do so with wonder at how you have grown and who you have become.

You are a magnificent being, constantly evolving and continually becoming more yourself.

You can’t fail at this.

Just keep saying YES to Life and receive it all as the amazing adventure that it is.

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