Are you using your imagination?

Posted on 03 March 2022

One of my clients says that she uses her sessions with me to activate her imagination. I get that! A lot of our world is already imagined for us. To sit in the seat of the dreamer and imagine a future that excites you takes focus and belief.

Coaching sessions are my client’s space in which to talk about what she’s wanting and to explore what stands in her way. It helps her to have a dedicated time for this, because otherwise it doesn’t happen. The space to dream is precious and powerful. From here the actions of creation follow.

Maybe, like her, your imagination is a little rusty. Maybe your circumstances have your full attention and you haven’t been sensing a future beyond your problems.

If that’s the case, sit with me and focus.
Talk with me and borrow some of my belief for you.

What could be possible for you in the next 2 to 3 years? Expansion in your career? A big move? More love and connection? Greater health? Exciting leadership opportunities? Creative expression?

What might even be possible in the next year if you imagined greater now?

The road to more requires you to stretch beyond your comfort zone. You’ll have to change along the way. You’ll have to shift your priorities and expand your thinking and see with new eyes. I can help you with that.

I’ll remind you that it’s not futile or foolish to dream bigger. I’ll challenge your cynicism and help you see where you are limiting yourself with outdated beliefs or jaded perspectives. I’ll help you hear the wisdom inside of you that absolutely knows the next step and then the next… and leads you forward.

It’s audacious to be a person who imagines greater. But, please, Friend, do! The world is better when we imagine better.

P.S. If we worked together for 6 months, what would change? What could you create? Interested? If you’re not already a client, book a free consultation. Tell me what you’re dreaming of, what you’re wanting to be different, and what seems to be stopping you. I’ll offer you my full presence, everything I’ve learned from 12 years of coaching experience, and my knowing that you can have what you desire.

P.S. If you’re a former client, ready for another deep dive, schedule more sessions here.

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