If you’re feeling pressed against a problem, do this instead…

Posted on 16 March 2021

Are you feeling how Life is working out for you, or are you trying to MAKE it work out for you?  There’s a difference. Can you feel it?

Check in — where in your life do you feel yourself pressed up against a problem?

Maybe something is taking a long time to land in, and that seems like a problem.
Maybe someone’s behavior is rankling you, and they seem like the problem.
Maybe you feel like you’re doing it wrong, and you really want to do it right, and you’re viewing yourself as the problem.

If you’re feeling cornered into problem-solving mode, here’s what I suggest:

Give it all some space. Breath and soften into your simplest intention of resolution.

Put your attention on something else for a while. Notice what in your world is flowing, what makes you smile, what is beautiful or inspiring to you… This shift in attention will shift your inner state of being.

Take action that feels light and fun towards something else. Truly, you can play hooky on your problems for a little while — it will help! Go on a friend-date, get out in nature, wash your car, get a haircut — initiate movement in a different area of your life and give yourself a few hours or a few days off from trying to fix things.

It’s not a waste of time to pause. Take a break is often the most efficient way to speed things up.

As you back up and breathe, more can come in.

Sometimes the problem rearranges itself on its own. The person you’re bothered by might just have a change of heart when you give them space. That delay might actually work out in your favor, if you drop your timeline and let it. And always, putting your attention on other things that are working for you gets you back in your heart — the place from which the inspiration for win-win solutions are born.

Things in life are always shifting and changing — even without you doing too much about them.

Personally, I find such grace in allowing my life to flow with only inspired little nudges from me. When I try to tackle problems with a sledgehammer, I waste energy and make a mess. When I relax and give things space, they work out for me with ease.

It’s not always easy to remember this, especially when you’re a conscientious hard-working person who wants to be on task and do everything right, but… you can practice!

And if you need help, reach out for sessions. I’m happy to remind you to shift perspective, return to your heart, and allow things to work out for you. They will!

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