If things are hard, you’re not failing…

Posted on 10 January 2023

Last year was an exciting year for many of my clients. I witnessed amazing manifestations and dreams come true — promotions, raises and new jobs, big moves across the country, joy returning, projects coming to fruition, even a wedding!

Regular sessions accelerated and supported that growth.

I also witnessed some of my clients walking through the hardest year of their life. Dark nights of the soul and dark times of crisis take us to our knees. I had more clients in that position than ever before and held space for the deep inner work that challenging times demand.

Regular sessions kept those clients steady in intention and anchored in spirit.

We all walk through different seasons at different times.

Being in a tougher season is not a reflection of failure. The cycles of creation take us on a journey – naturally.

What season you are in?

Some years restlessness arises.

What we have is good, and maybe even exactly what we’ve worked to create, but we feel stirrings of discontent and a desire for change. Something inside of us is prompting us to reach and grow again. This is exciting, if you recognize what’s happening.

Some years are breakdown years.

What we thought was solid shifts and changes beneath us. Sometimes it’s internal – our ego dissolving, grief arising, healing happening through it all. Sometimes it’s outer circumstances of loss that break us free from solid structures so we again grow. This is also exciting, if we remember the old is dissolving so something new can be born.

Other years are years of new growth. We manifest and create, align and expand again.

And still other years are years of mastery and maturity, in which we deepen our roots and cultivate our wisdom.

Whatever season you find yourself in, here’s what I want for you this year:

I want you to be present to what is in front of you, but I also want you to maintain a higher perspective on what is unfolding in your experience.

I want you to feel all the human feelings that come up, while also choosing and cultivating your emotional and energetic states intentionally.

I want you to remember how much choice you have in your life, and I want you to be able to surrender to the mystery and feel ease with all that is outside of your control.

I want you to give yourself the space to be imperfectly human, while rooting in your inner wisdom and letting it guide you.

As a life coach, this is what I’m committed to.

No matter the season, you can walk through your life with consciousness and intention. When you do, the journey may not be easy, but you’ll feel ease and your manifestations will amaze you.

Do you choose that?

This year, book regular coaching sessions — once a quarter, once a month or once a season — as part of that choice. Make a plan and set yourself up for consistent support to stay awake and aligned.

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