Are you rich?
Are you WILLING to be rich?
Are you willing to BE the energy of wealth and abundance no matter how much money you have?

Regardless of how much is in your bank account, or how you rank amongst other people with money, you can BE the energy of “I Am Rich!”

Is your LIFE plentiful?
Can you access a spirit of generosity, overflow and the feeling of having plenty?

Would you? Every day?

It’s easy to believe that there isn’t enough for you (and everyone else too!). It’s easy to feel stress about money and worry about your finances. In this world, that’s normal! But, the energy of fear, lack and scarcity only attracts more of the same.

To change your experience with money, change your energy. Become aware of the abundance that is here for you. Perceive how much you already have. Feel in your body the ease of your needs being met. Access the energy of “I am Rich!” from a high energy place of gratitude and awareness.

Now what in your life (and your finances) can change with ease?

Join me for 22 days of consciousness tools and energy work.



√ practice HAVING and RECEIVING from life (two energies that most people struggle with!).
√ reality check our fearful minds by acknowledging what we DO have and how our needs are met.
√ release contraction and fear patterns in our bodies that keep us so tight and rigid that we miss opportunities to give and receive with life.
√ embody and vibe the energies of wealth and abundance, and witness what that creates in our lives.


JOIN AND RECEIVE:::::::::::::

• 22 days worth of classes. Each call was 30 – 45 minutes, and the audio files are already uploaded for you in Dropbox.

• Practical tools, questions and energetic practices to integrate into your daily life.

• A playful community of bright and potent beings sharing their experience with you!


THE DETAILS:::::::::::::

Class ran from Tuesday, May 7 to Tuesday, May 28, and was recorded live by phone daily from 8 to 8:30am Pacific.  Purchase the series and receive all files now.









I’m always up for a daily class with Jessica regardless of the topic because I consistently receive something that allows me to expand. And, I want to get out of debt. Following my awareness this morning and the tears that continue to fall because of it, I know I’m on the path to receiving more from this class without any expectations. ~ Dianne


“Loved the calls. I’m so much more calm at taking a risk, knowing that life supports me! So the things I thought were insurmountable became manageable and sometimes fun!! This group was a pleasure to hear in the mornings, along with you Jessica. thank you!!” ~ Avital


“I feel so grateful for this class, for a first time a long time. I feel hopeful and positive about the possibility of creating a different way of living. Feeling light about my back account. What else is possible?” ~ Tunde


“I listened to the recording tonight and felt a break through. My body vibration expanded out quickly and big and I saw octopus like extensions wiggling! There were no barriers, I was fluid. My breath even deepened and my jaw relaxed. I think my invisible veil finally dropped. Thank you, Jessica.” ~Patti


“Everyone here just a deep gratitude for your shares and potency just listened to the call. In these last 21 days I’ve had the abundance of acknowledgement of all my creations, like my houses – a having I don’t always acknowledge – my business another acknowledging I don’t always allow myself to have and my body and uniqueness that I am. So in short this class allowed me to HAVE ALL OF ME. 🙏🏽🙌🏽✨❤️ Thank you ALL and to more of LIVING ABUNDANCE to, for and with you All!” ~ Erica

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