Do you walk through the world feeling and knowing that you are enough?

Or do you feel constantly feel like you’re not good enough, not giving enough, or not achieving what you should be? 

In a world with deeply ingrained concepts of lack and scarcity, it’s easy for our own sense of self to be skewed. When we feel less than:

….we seek other people’s approval in order to feel okay about ourselves.

… we are quick to interpret our interactions from a lens of self-criticism.
…our inner critic’s standards of perfection become louder than our inner wisdom.

…and our low self esteem keep us from showing up fully and brilliantly.

None of that is necessary or healthy.


The truth is YOU ARE ENOUGH!

-You don’t have to be perfect to be enough.
-You don’t have to prove your worthiness or meet any particular criteria to have value.
-You don’t have to be anything other than who and what you are.

You are enough just as you are.

What you get done is enough. What you offer is enough. The essence of who you are is enough.


Center yourself in that as a foundational truth in your life, and you show up differently in the world:

• Whole. Complete. Healthy.
• Not needy or insecure.
• Relaxed and able to be present and open with others.


Cultivating a healthy sense of yourself as ENOUGH is deep spiritual work.

Coming into right relationship with yourself helps you come into right relationship with the Universe, and also into right relationship with others. It starts within. You with you.


Join me for a 14 day practice in living from the truth of “I AM ENOUGH!” while tuning up your self-talk and self esteem.


TOGETHER EACH DAY WE :::::::::::::

√ Center, ground and tune into our inner resources and resilience.
√ Tenderly embrace anything that arises within us with warmth and acceptance.
√ Relax and remember ourselves as whole and complete, consciously choosing the thoughts we think.
√ Set intentions for the day, preparing ourselves to interact with others from sufficiency, not scarcity.
√ Then step out to meet what’s in our worlds with confidence and ease, affirming, “I am Enough” (and so are you).

Day by day we’ll return to the principle of enoughness, noting along the way the results of our practice.


THE DETAILS:::::::::::::

This offering includes 14 days of short classes recorded live each morning from Friday, August 18 to Thursday, August 31 at 8am Pacific. 

If you can’t make each day’s call live, no worries. The audio recordings will be uploaded each day for you to listen to at your convenience.


OR  $222 for class + 1 coaching session


You may also send payment via Venmo (@Jessica-Colp) or Zelle (



Note: I offer practice classes like this because they create the most change. These classes are laboratories of consciousness in which we practice a new way of being, and then observe the impact on our lives. Our lives are created out of who we are being even more than out of what we are doing. As we get that order of priority straight, mountains move easily and miracles abound.

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