Are you feeling lack or fullness?
Making choices from contraction or expansion?
Perceiving scarcity or possibility?

What is your attitude and posture towards Life this season?

The truth is we live in an Abundant Universe.
There is more than enough for you (and everyone else too!)

It is easy to forget that and to walk thought the world seeing only scarcity. Yet, when you do, you miss so much of what Life is giving you.


Relax and remember…

When you appreciate what you have, more comes your way.
When you have a desire for more, and expand to receive it, more can and will show up for you.
When you generously and joyfully give from your overflow, you ARE abundance.

These are principles you can live from daily.


Cultivating an attitude of appreciation with an expectation of abundance generates a different reality from the norm. It changes how people respond to you, it changes what you see in the world around you, and it changes what you perceive as possible and thus your own actions in the world.


Join me in this three week class to shift your attitude, posture and tone to that of “I Am Abundant.” Each day we’ll embody that reality with the following practices:

√ We’ll appreciate what we have. We’ll delight in, celebrate, revel in what comes to us. By cultivating joy and fulfillment as our baseline, we’ll change our vibe and shift our perspective. We’ll embrace the blessings of our lives and speak of our abundance.

√  We’ll notice when we are in scarcity mode. We’ll catch ourselves in the downward spiral of scarcity thinking, and notice when we are repelling instead of receiving. At the point of noticing, we’ll practice either slowing down that momentum or make conscious choices to interrupt and shift our patterns from perceiving limitation to sensing possibility.

√  We’ll expand our field and open to receive. As we open our hearts, soften and smile at the world, we’ll perceive what is in alignment with what we’ve been asking for. We’ll say YES and follow our impulses. (We’ll also declutter, and initiate new flows in places we’ve been gridlocked.)

√ Catching ourselves feeling filled up and overflowing with resources, we will be conscious of ways that we can give generously, share and create more with the world around us from our overflow.

√ And, we’ll look Life to create more with us, remembering that we’re not just here to survive, we’re here to thrive.


JOIN AND RECEIVE:::::::::::::

• The recordings of 30 minute live facilitation calls every morning for 22 days. Each call is recorded, and you receive the audio files to keep.

• Practical tools, questions and practices to integrate into your daily life.


THE DETAILS:::::::::::::

Class is recorded live each morning from Thursday, November 10 – December 1.

Purchase and receive all recordings.



Or send payment via Venmo (@Jessica-Colp)  or Zelle (



Note: Daily practices classes are my favorite to facilitate because they create the most change. These classes are laboratories of consciousness in which we practice a new way of being, and then observe the impact on our lives.



Thanks Jessica and everyone , this series gave me another look at my life and finances as I embark on another chapter in my life. I’ve enjoyed the questions that Jessica has raised in her monologues, as we love certainty , as it helps us navigate our days, but even if we switch up our energy a tiny bit, other things come into our awareness, and if we allow, they come in even more. It helps to know that the universe is supportive, and that shifting sand beneath my feet is not a trap door to a viper filled cavern, ( ala Indiana Jones) but rather the warm inviting sand and waters of my home island. The sand needs to shift to move my feet to another more welcoming spot, and I need to trust for it to be a smooth transition to warmer seas” – Greg

So grateful for this class and everyone here! It was a great energy and catalyst for locking in positive thought habits and being at peace with, in an odd way, the raw seeming “negative” emotions that were coming up. I was able to see much more quickly that they were just thoughts and emotions moving on to allow space for change Those who commented during class or here after, all contributed to my journey. Thank you.” ~ Susan

“I haven’t chimed in much, however I love this series! I am replaying the recordings a few times a day, especially since crunchy areas seem to pop up lately….I enjoy the lightness and ease of the calls, and also mind blowing in many ways, ~ so grateful.” ~ Bianca

“I’m always up for a daily class with Jessica regardless of the topic because I consistently receive something that allows me to expand. And, I want to get out of debt. Following my awareness this morning and the tears that continue to fall because of it, I know I’m on the path to receiving more from this class without any expectations.“ ~ Dianne

“I listened to the recording tonight and felt a break through. My body vibration expanded out quickly and big and I saw octopus like extensions wiggling! There were no barriers, I was fluid. My breath even deepened and my jaw relaxed. I think my invisible veil finally dropped. Thank you, Jessica.” ~Patti

“Everyone here just a deep gratitude for your shares and potency just listened to the call. In these last 21 days I’ve had the abundance of acknowledgement of all my creations, like my houses – a having I don’t always acknowledge – my business another acknowledging I don’t always allow myself to have and my body and uniqueness that I am. So in short this class allowed me to HAVE ALL OF ME. Thank you ALL and to more of LIVING ABUNDANCE to, for and with you All!” ~ Erica

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