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Posted on 07 February 2023

To land a better job, you have to grow your self-confidence to become a match to that job.

To have a greater relationship, you have to grow your capacity to give and receive, to love and be present with another.

Your next greatest desires invite you to step beyond previous comfort levels into new versions of yourself.

This, in fact, is how you manifest.

Sometimes the growth required to manifest your desires is extremely subtle. It can be hard to quantify or measure from the outside, but in the inner planes it’s very real. A stretch. An expansion. An opening. A change.

Personally, I find these subtle growth edges exhilarating. Here lies the juiciest parts of coaching. My clients and I feel into and find those edges of expansion and gently, gently step into them together. Feeling the space. Finding words for the insights that download with each step forward.

This is the inner work.

Of course, outer actions are also required, but that comes easily when you’re stepping into more of yourself – more confidence, more courage, more heart, more trust, more willingness, more ease…

These subtle expansions change your vibe and guide your next steps.

Can YOU feel your next growth edges?

Think of what you desire to have or experience next.

Who must you become to have that?
What growth does your desire invite you into?

Are you willing?

If so, great! It’s begun.

If not, sit with that for a bit. Can you feel past your fear or reluctance into the possible ‘Future You’ that your desires invite you to become? Touching into that version of yourself will give you something valuable.


P.S. I’m here for the journey towards whatever it is you’d like to manifest next! Pave your way with regular coaching sessions. Book a free consultation if we’ve never worked together before, or if we have, access my client calendar here.

P.S.S. Group coaching is another way to work with me! My upcoming Manifesting Mastermind is an intimate coaching circle that begins next Monday night. We’ll be diving into the nuances of manifestation with the book Ask and It is Given by Abraham-Hicks, while asking for exciting changes to manifest in our lives. Read more and register here.

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