How to be smart without overthinking…

Posted on 28 February 2020

When I started coaching over a decade ago I had no idea how much I’d love my clients and my work. I was pretty sure coaching would be a great job (or I wouldn’t have chosen it), but I couldn’t have foreseen how it would actually unfold.

My mind could not have showed me — it didn’t know. But, something in me knew!

I could feel it.

My first glimpses of this feeling came randomly — from a book I read about the entrepreneurial path that got me thinking outside the box of my career, from an article in a magazine about a woman who became a life coach as a ‘natural career transition,’ and from a conference my work sent me to where I was drawn to attend a coaching demonstration that lit up my whole body.

I followed the feeling and the flow, and one inspiration led to another. I’m glad that I paid attention!

Being smart about life includes being aware of the flow of life around you such that you catch the moments of inspiration and the information they bring you. It includes sensing that change is coming even before it arrives. It includes being aware of what energizes you and what doesn’t, and feeling your truth from within.

A good life is created from greater intelligence than our thinking can give us.  A good life is created from the inside out.

In sessions, I want to talk to you about smart plans, but I also want to listen to what you feel and know within your body. I want to hear what you’re noticing when you lift your head and look beyond your immediate problems. I want you to be present to what feels stale or depleting, and get curious enough to feel for what else is possible.

I want you to tap into your greater intelligence and create your life from that.

Next month’s daily class is a practice in this: Out of Your Head, Into the Flow. We meet by phone or recording every day for 22 days and it’s lively. Come tap into your greater intelligence on the daily. And, as always, feel free to pop yourself into my calendar anytime for a coaching session about what you know from within.

The guidance within you is greater than you think.

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