How my tree got decorated yesterday…

Posted on 09 December 2019

My niece and nephew came over yesterday and helped me decorate my Christmas tree. This is a tradition they started with me last year after I told them that I wasn’t sure I’d decorate my home for the holidays — I mean, it is only me in the house after all!  Ruby, who was 9 at the time, immediately said, “Oh, it’s okay, we’ll come help you!” Then she arranged with my brother, her Dad, to actually do that. They came over on a Sunday and had a blast being in charge of decorating my home.

I know better than to refuse a generous offer! And they lit my place up with festive cheer in a manner that humbled me.

This year, I figured I should lean in and receive that help again. Why? Because it created so much for me, but also for Ruby and Royal. It’s a way they get to show their love for me, and whenever I soften and let people love me, it reverberates through my life too. It deepens our relationship. It grows our joy. (Catch a glimpse of that here.)

I wonder — in how many more areas I can relax enough to receive the gifts that I’m being offered?

For you, December might be a month full of activities, or a month in which you shy away from all of that. You could feel stress or pressure, or your inner Grinch might be surfacing.  But instead of contracting, soften and relax. Notice what is being offered to you.

Who is reaching out to create with you?
Who wants to love you?
Where can you be generous in your receiving?

To actually receive you might have to show up, say yes, or go to the store to get ready. I had to dig out the Christmas decorations and cookie cutters to prepare for my niece and nephew helping me, but doing so brought out my own inner generosity. How fun can I let this day be? What would add to it? Fresh baked cookies? Homemade lunch? Silly hats? Yes!

In this spirit, activities aren’t exhausting. They’re rejuvenating.

That’s what I wish for you.

May you receive the season with an open heart and generous spirit. May this month for you be joy-filled.

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