How Much More Can You Receive?

Posted on 21 October 2015

Seven years ago when I started coaching clients I was in awe of the diversity and quality of people who came to work with me.  I was so in love with them!  I’d have thoughts like ‘she should be friends with my other client’ or ‘wow, these five clients are all going through the SAME STUFF!  I wish I could get them in the same room to talk through this.’

These desires led to the creation of group programs.  When I run classes and groups my clients learn SO MUCH from each other.  There’s something about hearing the words of someone going through something that is similar to you… and watching them shift out of it.  There’s a gift in feeling the bigger possibilities of change as witnessed through someone else’s experience.

There is so much available to us when we allow ourselves to really connect.  That requires lowering our boundaries and barriers and softening our hearts to receive.  It requires letting go of pre-conceptions and judgements and just being with what is presenting itself.

When we do that in relationship, we don’t have to worry about being betrayed or abandoned.  We KNOW what’s going on. We’re no longer guessing.  We sense what we can create with our friends and lovers and we can make clear choices about that.

When we do that in our world, we can receive those gifts that the Universe is gifting us through people, places and possibilities that are presenting themselves every day.  We can experience the abundance that life creates for us over and over.

This is what my next two class offerings are all about.  Receiving.  Lowering the boundaries we’ve erected to be safe and instead simply receiving.

What’s possible in this practice?  Everything and anything!  Join me in these groups and find out for yourself.


Radically Light: Relationships Without Boundaries. October 23 – 25

3 tele-classes, layers of Q&A, tools, processes, questions and clearings. Five hours in all!  If you can’t make it live on the line, send your questions in ahead of time and join by recording.What if you lowered the boundaries you’ve erected to protect yourself, and simply received people for who and what they are? What kind of lightness might be possible from that state of awarenesss?Be brave — sign up! You’ll clear limitations, shift massive amounts of energy, and learn/practice tools to support you in creating light-filled connections in all areas of your life. For real!

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Living Abundance: a 21 Day Practice in Having It All and Receiving More.  November 1 – 21 

Meet me for 30 minutes every day.

Meditate, journal, raise your vibe, and expand your field.  Together we’ll take on new habits of having and receiving, and open up to the ABUNDANCE that you’ve been asking for.

I teach daily practice classes every few months because they’re the most impactful and practical kind of class I can facilitate.  When  you show up every day and allow a recalibration of your energetic field, SHIFT HAPPENS!

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