Okay, Universe, how is this a gift?

Posted on 14 July 2020

We’re never completely in control of what unfolds for us, but we always have choice about how we be with it. That’s a truth I’m remembering over and over again this year — how about you?

In mid-June, water began flooding from my upstairs neighbor’s bathroom into mine every time my neighbor took a shower. Obviously, that was a pretty big problem.

After freaking out a bit, I began asking, “Okay, Universe, how is THIS a gift?”

Then I calmed down, softened, and let the powers that be work it out for me.

As it turned out, I got a birthday vacation a few miles away in a super nice hotel room for almost two weeks — all arranged for me by my apartment management. I wouldn’t have chosen the experience of plumbing problems, but I can tell you — the more I relaxed about it, the more it worked out for me!  I loved my hotel, I loved the pool, I loved the proximity to new restaurants and the change of scenery after months of being quarantined in my apartment.

At the end of June, I moved back home refreshed and grateful, and honestly marveling at the gift of it all. Then, three days later water poured through my bathroom ceiling again!


Okay. Again, just because I have a good attitude about something, doesn’t mean I’m in control of how or when it resolves. What I am in control of is how I BE with what shows up. So, back to the question. I continued to ask — how is THIS a gift to me?

This time, I stayed home as workers came in and out of my apartment — cutting out wet walls, examining the pipes, and doing the repair work. I wasn’t thrilled with the disturbance, but then again, it was more activity in my apartment than I’ve had for months! And that was also weirdly refreshing. Men coming in and out every single day!? I let myself enjoy that. Truly. It added some pep to my single lady’s vibe.

Things come up. They just do.

We can resist, or we can flow.
We can complain, or we can go to question.
We can be mad, or we can be amused.
And always, we can lean in, receive what’s here and create with it.

It’s not always easy to relax enough to let Life work things out for you, but it is something you can practice and become really good at.

Live from the principle that everything that shows up can be a gift to you. Even when you can’t see how, ask, and stay open. If you’re feeling sassy, ask your question as a dare to the Universe — “Alright, Universe, this is a doozy! Show me! How is EVEN THIS a gift to me?”

Then BE the person who receives it as a gift.

P.S. Flowing with life doesn’t mean you always smile and nod to what’s there. Sometimes flowing means going with a wave of emotion and letting your voice roar! That’s on the table too. The path of least resistance can only be felt from the inside, and it requires that you be present and aware. If you could use help with that, book some sessions. I’m here for you.

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