When everything changes, how do you deal?

Posted on 27 March 2019

My regular dance class on Monday night was almost cancelled this week because the building was unexpectedly shut down. Luckily, our dance leader, JP, is not a man who is stopped by things going ‘wrong’. Instead of cancelled the class, on short notice he miraculously acquired a set of silent disco headphones, and he DJed a night of dance for us outside instead. Imagine 40 of us in a park, wearing headphones with neon lights, moving our bodies in all kinds of ways to music that only we can hear.  We danced under the stars, on picnic tables, around trees, and at one point almost all of us were holding hands running through a field of grass. It was glorious!

(See my happy face after dance!)

That might not be your thing, but get this — it could have been a complaint-worthy event. It could have been a big hassle. But JP didn’t make it so. In fact, he created something amazing out of an inconvenience.

How often do your best laid plans get foiled? How often does something seemingly unfair happen in your world? How do you respond?

If you presume that what’s unfolding is either right or wrong for you, you are frequently going to experience your life going wrong! When it doesn’t line up the way you’ve determined is right, you’ll likely be the one complaining, protesting, and blaming.

But, you could also be a person who receives everything that comes as “interesting.”

This just happened. Hmmm…  
What can I do with it? What can I create out of this? How is this a gift to me?

A client of mine had her dentist cancel a tooth extraction appointment at the end of the week. First she was upset, but then she softened. From that openness, she called the dental office and got rescheduled for an earlier appointment which was even better for her and her body.

A friend of mine lost a big client last week. Instead of getting nervous and making it mean anything about his work, he took a day off, enjoyed himself, and started daydreaming about who he might work with next. A few days later an even greater client reached out wanting to hire him, and surprise — he had space!

This is how life works! Circumstances change, life rearranges, and now something else can happen. If we don’t interpret it as wrong, tragic or complaint-worthy, we have an openness that allows us to receive more and create greater.

Life beyond complaint isn’t normal, but I’ll tell you — it’s far more fun!

By the way March’s Miracles Every Day class was a practice in this. We finish day 22 tomorrow, and I highly recommend this series as a reality shifting class. You can purchase the entire series, and listen to all 22 days at your own pace.

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