It’s your life! What are you choosing?
What’s next on your path?
Where is your creativity flowing?

When you’re really clear about what you’d like to create next, and you have no internal conflict with those creations, it is easy to make new choices and create a new reality quickly. The energy is there, the motivation is there, the rearrangement of life to accommodate your requests is there.

But when you’re spinning your wheels, procrastinating, or hitting roadblock after roadblock, there’s something off between your dreams or goals and your inner alignment. And that we can change!

So, I offer you that space in the House of Creativity!




Meet me and a small group of fellow creators for an intimate day of coaching and consciousness work.

Maybe you’re aiming for something just a few degrees off from what you REALLY want…
Maybe you have a limiting belief, or a judgment that is a wall or barrier to your desire….
Or maybe you just haven’t sat with your dream or goal with enough presence to GET it yet.

Whatever your challenge, the House of Creativity is your space to move through resistance, doubt and confusion, to honor your creations and expand the space for them. I’ll guide you through journalling, embodiment exercises and tools to assist you in being congruent and aligned with the energy of your next level creations.



Saturday, March 2: Life Projects

A new reality of relationship, a new home, a shift in your health?

What do you desire to create next in your life?
Who do you have to BE to create that?
What stands between you and that desire?
Today is a day to become congruent with your next realities.




Sunday, March 10: Business Enterprises

New products, a change of employees, a restructuring of your business?

What are you aiming to generate next in your business?
Who do you have to BE to create that?
What is standing in the way?
Come clear the obstacles so you and your business can expand with ease.



We meet 10am to 4pm in Glendale.
Lunch is provided.

$297 / workshop


or $497 for both days





“Thank you again for such a fantastic day. 🙂 You’re SO cool!  The day opened up a huge space of possibly for me. I felt lighter and more connected to my authentic self. I left the retreat and floated home on a big “happy tears-filled” cloud.” – DW

“Shift happens!! Jessica’s facilitation enabled us all to see and change our old points of view. The camaraderie and fun between us was strong throughout the day. This class has opened up new possibilities for me around money and creativity. Highly recommended. Go get your shift together!!!” – PK

“I saw this quote today by French Philosopher and Writer, Voltaire: “Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers.” That is what I get every time I participate in an Access Conscious Class – more inquiring question on a side that keeps me living in lightness, understanding and freedom without conclusion or answers. I am now allowing the Universe show me a new viewpoint which is very humorous.  I am still peeling back the layers of all that I learned/received from the SHIFT Workshop. Releasing the old and bringing in the new is always fun for me. I do that at the end of the year for the past several years. I wanted a new insights. The SHIFT class was like that. Dumping the old thoughts for new ones allowing and showing me what I am capable of in life. It gave me some new tools, reminders, laughter and most definitely new questions that I can continue my inquiry quest to “Live My Life Now”. That statement, was one that stood out during this workshop and was a powerful one for me. To “Live My Life Now” makes me ask myself who am I stepping in to be, or how am I contributing to my life, the world, the universe, etc. An upgrade from the old me. The Shift Retreat was both a treat because I felt totally taken care of from beginning to end, and expansive as we got to play and practice all day to expand our awareness. Loved it!” – ND




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