Honoring Men-1


What do you know about men?

What space do you have for men in your world?

What invitation are you extending to men to contribute to you?

What could you create with men if you expanded that space and invitation?


If you have too few men in your life, if you have a lot of frustrations and judgments about men, if you have been replaying what the women who came before you experienced with men (instead of creating from your own knowing and choice), this class is for you.


Let’s create something entirely different with men than we have seen modeled before.  Let’s invite men to play and create with us.  Let’s honor men by receiving who they are and appreciating what they contribute.

The foundation of our work is energy, space and consciousness.


We will…

  • Ask questions
  • Lower our barriers
  • Uncreate and destroy judgments
  • Expand our presence and receive
  • Be the invitation to intimacy, partnership and play
  • Acknowledge what we know, what we receive, and what we create with men


Perhaps you’ve been seeking a man to be your lover or partner.

Perhaps you are raising sons.

Perhaps you would like a better relationship with your husband, father, or brothers.

Perhaps you’re just tired enough of what is normal between men and women and you’re willing to explore beyond that.

Great!  Join me for a six week expansion into what else is possible!


We will step up and own our power and influence.

How many times have you emasculated men?  Complained about men being unevolved or stupid?  Or bemoaned the fact that there are no good men?  Enough of that. It’s time to stop the man-bashing.

When we, as women, stop judging men, what can we then create together?


We’ll soften our tough ‘modern women’ exterior and create space to receive.

How many times have you rejected what men were offering you?  Or been so independent that there was no space for men to give to you?  Would you be willing to be vulnerable enough to be cared for and supported?


We’ll lower our barriers and allow men to know us.

How many times have you gone invisible in the company of men?  Bit back your words?  Avoided conflict or played agreeable instead of being YOU?  It’s time to stop faking it.  Men can’t truly be in relationship with YOU if you’re hiding.

And what else will emerge in our work together?  So much more…!

What You'll Receive

This class was over a 6 week period in the fall of 2016.  Purchase it now and receive all 6 classes as downloadable .mp3 recordings.  Each week’s class includes discussion, assignments, questions and clearings.



“I am so amazed at how her classes are not only so organized but jam packed with so much activity, meaning and growth.  To me Jessica is like an endless well of knowledge and wisdom… I plan to continue to take her classes so I can continue my growth.  The classes provide such a warm and supportive place for sharing our deepest feelings, and most intimate thoughts.  I’ve made great friends in these classes which is very important to continue our path with people that you know got your back!” – EC

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