A few holiday reminders…

Posted on 23 December 2022

In this holiday season, here are a few reminders…

It’s not about the stuff. It’s about your presence and the connection that it creates.

If it’s not fun for you, there’s another way. Change it.

When you feel pressure or heightened intensity, slow down. Take a pause and a breath.

Your intention matters.

The way you show up matters.

A myriad of other little things don’t matter so much.

Can you be with your family, and love and connect with them, while still being in your body caring for yourself?

Can you witness other people’s experience, and let them have their experience, and not abandon yourself?

Can you stay grounded and clear in what matters most to you, despite the flurry of activity or expectations around you?

Whether you are traveling or staying cozy at home, with family or friends or alone, be soft with yourself.

It’s enough to be here being you.

Joy arises in receiving things just as they are.

I wish you that.

P.S. The year has been a lot. Perhaps you have much to celebrate, or much to grieve, or much to marvel at… do you need some space for that?

Next week, I’ve have a few more Year-End Review sessions available for the special holiday price of $111. These are for next week only. Space is limited.

Or join Renewal: an online year end retreat for reflection and visioning before you step into 2023. There are 5 possible session to attend. Come to all or just a few. You set your price and level of participation. Create it to suit you.

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