What could you create with men if you dropped the judgment?

Posted on 26 September 2016

(Excuse for a moment, Brothers.  Allow me to address the women.  This is important, and it’s about you.)

Hey, Sisters!

If we women stopped complaining about men and started receiving them, what could we experience instead?

Enough of proclaiming that men aren’t evolved enough, that men are stupid, that men just don’t get it.  Enough of emasculating men.  Enough of acting as if we’re superior.

How can we create respectful and honoring relationships if we aren’t BEING that ourselves.

Enough.  Enough with judging men.

Let’s expand into something entirely different.  From a place of greater awareness and wholeness, let’s be women who create something new with men on the planet.

Let’s receive men.  Let’s invite men to contribute.  Let’s make space for men to be who they are, and to show up with their full gifts and capacities.

Honoring MenHonoring Men: a 6 week series for Conscious Women begins this Wednesday night at 7pm PST.  I’d love to have you join us!

Week by week we’ll explore how to BE with men without judgment.  Apply our work to your father, your brothers, your sons. Apply it to the men in your world.  Apply it to your beloved, or call him forth now!

What can you receive from men?
What can you invite men into?
What can you create with men that you never considered possible?

What kindness and caring do men offer that you have never recognized or acknowledged before?

Come, ask those questions with me.  Together with weekly conversation and playful assignments, you’ll practice lowering your barriers, expanding your awareness, softening to receive, inviting vulnerability, and creating space for partnership and play.

Read more here:   www.jessicacolp.com/honoring-men

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