have your own back

Do you take care of others at the exclusion of your self?
Do you throw yourself under the bus with self-judgment?
Do you look to others for advice or validation yet always feel lacking?
Do you step outside of your body on a regular basis and hover above your life?

If so, you are not having your own back.

Come join me for a ten week series to make another choice.

Have your own back.
Have what’s true for you.
Have your body.
Have YOU!

This takes practice. How often in this lifetime has what’s true for you been invalidated? How often have you been told to trust someone else’s awareness more than your own?

It takes practice to know what’s true for you, but when you KNOW you, choose you, and have you, what can you NOT create as your life?

What do you like? What do you not like? What works for you? What doesn’t work for you?

Know this, and…

√ Create relationships that work for you.
√ Have your body and your beauty like never before.
√ Make choices that create MORE money for you.
√ Expand your capacity to influence the world without doing much at all.
√ Be amused by the people and situations that used to stick you.


We meet Mondays at 12pm PST. 

January 15 – March 26 (no class on March 19)



Join this series and receive 10 Weeks of Class with facilitation, FB community page, mp3s and daily + weekly assignments.

We meet by webcam or phone. All classes are recorded and available for you within a few hours.


divorceless relationships
Divorceless Relationships by Gary Douglas

What if you didn’t have to divorce YOU to be in relationship?

This book is also on Audible.

I recommend you listen to it over and over. We’ll be referring to the tools in the book through the entire series.

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