Are you happy with your body?

Are you receiving from your body?
Are you creating with your body?

Or do you have some other kind of relationship…. ?

Perhaps you’re the judge, jury and warden of your body.
Maybe you’re the abusive friend.

What else is possible?

If you were HAPPY with your body, what would change in your world?


Join me for a ten week Joy of Embodiment Project and create an entirely different relationship with YOUR body.

… design your own personal daily practices that fit into your life and create more for your body

… use simple tools to clear your judgments, conclusions and points of view

… commit to joy, pleasure and kindness with your body and acknowledge what that changes



Your body is not a machine with broken parts.
Your body is not wrong.
Your body does not hate you.
Your body is not an inconvenience.
Your body is not ruined.

Your body is AMAZING! It has capacities to change and contribute to you in ways that will blow your mind!

Your body is fun! Your body knows how to experience pleasure…. will you let it!?



Together we’ll practice…

√ Receiving…
√ Asking questions…
√ Being AWARE of our body…
√ Acknowledging our body…

All in the potent choice to be happy WITH our body!

This ten week project is not a cake walk — (though you may enjoy some cake along the way!) — it’s a personal laboratory for change!

You’ll receive partners on the journey, worksheets, inspiration, assignments, and tools.



Join and receive a Project Prep Call with worksheet, 10 Weeks of Class with facilitation, a Celebration Party, a FB community, mp3s and daily + weekly assignments.


Project Prep Call: Friday, August 17 – 8 am Pacific

10 Weekly Classes: Monday, August 20 to Monday, October 22 – 8 am Pacific

A Celebration Party:  Friday, October 26 – Time TBA


We meet by webcast or phone. All classes are recorded and available for you within a few hours.






About Jessica Colp:

Jessica is an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, a life coach, and a creator of classes and communities. She uses the tools of Access every day in her life, and with them, she keeps creating more and more ease, joy and laughter in life than anyone ever told her she could. Jessica loves owls, coffee, and naps. She wears a big ruby ring on her finger every day. She also likes multi-tasking, pulling energy to get shit done, and clearing entities.

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