What I wish for you…

Posted on 24 December 2019

Whatever you are about this week, may you feel the warmth of Life towards you.

May you relax into quiet moments and find an even keel in busy ones. May you perceive the beauty in the world around you.

May you be a friend to strangers. May you be a friend to yourself. May you continually expand your capacity to give and receive.

May you say no to what no longer serves you. May you say yes to that which speaks to your soul. May you be courageous enough to say nothing or to say everything as your heart guides you.

May you be willing to grow. May you be willing to change course. May you be willing to get bigger when you want to shrink.

May you give yourself more space to be imperfect, to try new things, to fall down and then get back up. May you celebrate the way it all works out even when it doesn’t go according to plan.

May you remember that you don’t have to be everyone’s cup of tea. May you afford others the same space. May you choose to be generous and know your abundance.

May you release your judgments. May you release your resentments. May you release your standards of perfection.

May you give up controlling. May you let Life support you. May you feel yourself connected to all things.

May you be happy. May you be healthy. May you be vibrant.

May you know that all is well.

If you could use some clarity, a new vision, or support accessing your truth, I’m here for that. Book a session. My calendar is open through the new year.

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