What are you aiming for?
Where are you headed…?

When you look ahead, are you excited?
Are you lined up with a future that pulls you forward?
Or do you actually feel discouraged or disillusioned with what you perceive in front of you?

Maybe you used to have big dreams, and they’ve faded into improbabilities.

Or maybe you’ve actualized the dreams you were aiming for, and you haven’t yet perceived your next realms of possibilities

There’s nothing wrong with where you’re at…
But maybe it’s a good time to reset your life and aim for a different reality!

Join me for a five week course to vision a new future and set course towards it.


In the course of five weeks we will:

• Look over our shoulders at what we’ve chosen and created in our lives.
• Acknowledge our unique ways of bring our visions to reality.
• Shop for a new reality, and perceive a new set of possibilities we couldn’t have perceived before now.
• Create mind movies of future scenes we’re aiming to create next.
• Use consciousness tools and energy practices to BE the future so we can HAVE the future.
• Head in a new direction, with tangible new actions aligned with our chosen course.
• Expand in allowance and surrender the ‘hows’ so the quantum entanglements of Life can play with us and rise to our requests.


Tuesday nights, October 2 – 30
7pm Pacific



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