Where in your life do you not feel free?

Posted on 19 May 2019

Did you know that I’m offering one day workshops at my home in Glendale twice a month?

Part of my vision this year has been to create more space for in person gatherings — in addition to the phones sessions and online class I offer.  Sometimes we need to connect face to face, eye to eye, and bring our bodies into our work.

In these workshops, you have the space to clear your head, become more present to what’s really sticking you, and then experiment with choice.

You enter the question: What energy can I embody, that if I embody, will change this whole dynamic?

Together we help you find that energy, BE it, and walk out the door as THAT!

From there, everything is different.  There’s ease, flow, and dynamics in your life change as if by magic.

Can you tell how much I love this work?

This month’s workshop is House of Liberation.  I invite you to come play!

Saturday, May 25 from 10am – 4pm in the Glendale area of Los Angeles.

Is there an area of your life in which you feel imprisoned, stuck, or like you have no choice?  Have any people in your life who feel like your personal jailor?

If you’re feeling less than free in ANY area of your life, bring it to the House of Liberation and workshop it with me. Read more HERE and register.

Note: These workshops are high level VIP group coaching days with 4 participants maximum.  If you don’t make it to this one, stay tuned for next month’s.

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