Start the year in the energy of abundance

Posted on 01 January 2019

Happy New Year! 🎊🎉🍾

Would you like to start the year with a fresh wave of energy? Tapping into abundance? Anchoring yourself in some daily practices of HAVING and RECEIVING — more!?

I taught a 21 Day class in November that was one of the most potent classes of the year. In that month so much in my world changed, I was in awe! I found a new home, I moved, I got all new furniture, and everything I had been making hard, became EASY! That is the energy of abundance. No scarcity. No lack. No contraction.

In December, settling in to my new home and creating more in my business, I was inspired to listen to it all again. And again –I received more! Money miracles, ease through the holidays, and a sense of well-being that carried me through the end of the year. I dare say I received even more the second go around…

It’s the class that keeps on giving.   But, of course — that is what abundance is.  It’s an overflow of energy that is always there for us.  And it doesn’t stop giving.  We just shut down our receiving.  And that is a choice.

If YOU would like to play with these 21 recording too, please — HAVE it!

And to make it ease for you, I’m putting it on SALE!

Living Abundance: a 21 Day Practice in HAVING It All and RECEIVING More consists of 21 class recordings all available for you in Dropbox to keep. Listen to one a day for 3 weeks and steep yourself in questions, awareness, choice and possibility. You’ll hear our stories, and you can let yourself be right there on the journey with us!

Regularly $199.
For this week only, have it for $99.


Read more and register HERE

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