First, look for the good

Posted on 03 November 2022

What’s going well in your life?

What’s showing up as support for you?

What do you have so much of, giving it to others would be easy for you?

If you’re willing feel into those questions, you’ll put yourself in an energetic state of appreciation, acknowledgement, and maybe even abundance.

It’s pretty easy to get there.

Of course, not everything in our lives is always great. There’s plenty to look at that needs to change. Yet, looking at what IS going well is important too. In fact, in order of priority, it’s best if we look for that first.

Here’s what I’m appreciating…

Here’s why I’m appreciating it…


Here’s what I don’t like…

And here’s why I don’t like it…

Where you place your focus impacts your energy, your mood, your posture and even your ability to see what else is there. And it greatly contributes to what you attract and receive.

Today, look for the good. Take a broad view and appreciate the quirky, wonderful beauty and abundance in your life first. Tackle your problems second.

It’s possible that by the time you shift your focus to the problems, they won’t look so big or terrible. Maybe they just need a little attention. Maybe they need you to look away for a moment so they can resolve.

Everything is responding to the energy you are being.

Need help with your focus and attention? Book some sessions. Or, sign up for this year’s daily abundance class. We start next week.

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