The every day flow of life can be fast, intense and filled with all kinds of agendas and pressures. You can fly by the seat of your pants reacting to everything and everyone. Or you can be centered and clear as you navigate the day. How do you do that? You build in moments of pause — in which you slow down and find your center first.

Be here now.
In the moment.

Then you speak.
Then you act.
Then you create with the world.

When this is your way of being, you are steady. You have access to your inner resources and wisdom. You stop being subject to other people’s projections. You stop being at the whim of the chaos that’s here. Instead you catalyze a field of grace and efficiency. From a centered space of awareness, you create more for yourself and everyone else too.

Join me for a 22 day class to create a new habit of pausing to find your center throughout your day — before you create with the world around you.



* Center within and connect with ourselves and the Universe.
* Feel our feelings, feel our body, feel the energy around us.
* Ask questions and practice noticing the subtle clues of awareness that come from within.
* Relax and align with simple intention.
* Then step out to create our day with poise and clarity.

Day after day we’ll return to deepen our practice, layering in our observations and integrating our daily experiences.


JOIN AND RECEIVE:::::::::::::

• The recordings of 30 minute live facilitation calls every morning for 22 days.  Each call is recorded, and you receive the audio files to keep.

• Practical tools, questions and practices to integrate into your daily life.


THE DETAILS:::::::::::::

Class was recorded live each morning at 8am Pacific, from Monday, April 11 to Monday, May 2.  Purchase now and receive all recordings.



Or send payment via Venmo (@Jessica-Colp)  or Zelle (


Note: Daily practices classes are my favorite to facilitate because they create the most change. These classes are laboratories of consciousness in which we practice a new way of being, and then observe the impact on our lives. Our lives are created out of who we are being even more than out of what we are doing. As we get that order of priority straight, mountains move easily and miracles abound.



Jessica Colp is a life coach, teacher, and seeker. After coaching hundreds of people over the last twelve years, she can assure you — no matter what is unfolding in your life, nothing is as stuck or solid or unchangeable as you think! She’s studied and practiced many healing modalities, yet her biggest values are kindness and generosity, and she’s realized that they’re also two of her biggest tools. Jessica is interested in healing, innovation, science, leaders with character, good books, and conversations about possibilities.



“I haven’t chimed in much, however I love this series! I am replaying the recordings a few times a day, especially since crunchy areas seem to pop up lately….I enjoy the lightness and ease of the calls, and also mind blowing in many ways, ~ so grateful.” ~ Bianca

“I’m always up for a daily class with Jessica regardless of the topic because I consistently receive something that allows me to expand. And, I want to get out of debt. Following my awareness this morning and the tears that continue to fall because of it, I know I’m on the path to receiving more from this class without any expectations.“ ~ Dianne

“I listened to the recording tonight and felt a break through. My body vibration expanded out quickly and big and I saw octopus like extensions wiggling! There were no barriers, I was fluid. My breath even deepened and my jaw relaxed. I think my invisible veil finally dropped. Thank you, Jessica.” ~Patti

“Everyone here just a deep gratitude for your shares and potency just listened to the call. In these last 21 days I’ve had the abundance of acknowledgement of all my creations, like my houses – a having I don’t always acknowledge – my business another acknowledging I don’t always allow myself to have and my body and uniqueness that I am. So in short this class allowed me to HAVE ALL OF ME. Thank you ALL and to more of LIVING ABUNDANCE to, for and with you All!” ~ Erica

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