Feeling discontent is not a bad thing

Posted on 28 July 2022

If you’ve been feeling stuck and grumpy about aspects of your life you used to enjoy, take it as a sign that you’re close to a growth edge.

A season of discontentment often comes before a season of change.

It’s natural to grow beyond what used to thrill you — and growth is good! Don’t resist it, or you’ll harden. (Note: When you catch yourself sounding jaded, that’s a red flag! Don’t let that become a habit.)

Instead, let your discontentment point you in a new direction.

Maybe you’re feeling discontent with a position that is too small for you. Maybe you’re grumpy because you’ve already mastered where you are and you feel bored. Maybe your spirit is guiding you to step forward as a leader, add something new to your repertoire, or venture into new endeavors. Look beyond where you’ve been. New horizons are ahead.

If you were growing into becoming MORE of who you are, in what direction would you grow?

Growth comes as an impulse from within. Yes, it can feel scary, but it can also be exciting and deeply satisfying. A lot of that depends on how you be with it, and how you support yourself through change.

I’m often the co-pilot of my client’s crazy adventures in change. There at the edge of growth, we don’t have an exact guidebook or roadmap, but we remember principles:

* It is good and right to change.
* There are clues in your longings and desires.
* You can trust your impulses and Life itself to guide you.
* The unknown has gifts for you
* There’s so much more to discover and become than what you’ve known before.
* You’re here to expand and learn from all your life experiences, and growth brings you gold, if you let it.

Are you there at that edge of a new becoming?

Be brave. Get excited about who you will be next.

Pay attention to what you’re wanting, instead of what you’re hating. Acknowledge what no longer feels like a match to you and begin divesting yourself from those areas. Release your attachments. Make space.

As you let yourself grow into the next version of yourself, who will you become?

More confident, perhaps?
More open-hearted?
More certain and authoritative in your field?
More sure of your value and worth?
More joyful and receptive?
More sassy or spicy or brave?
More of a tone setter and less of a follower?

I want that for you. I want you to grow and thrive. I want you to be more expressed and more fulfilled. That’s not wishful thinking. It’s your natural trajectory if you let it be.

P.S. A season of growth is a good season for coaching. Stay out of fear and limited thinking and get visionary with me. I offer a 12 session package for $2,000 to support you through just such a season. Book a consultation HERE.

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