Have you undergone some deep inner shifts over the past year? I have! So has everyone I’ve been working with.

What do you now see as possible?
What do you desire to create and become next?

As we enter a new season I invite you to pause, reflect and vision. Slow down and feel into a future that excites you. Clarify your priorities and honor your inner guidance.


Based on who you are now, what new desires are rising up within you?
In what directions is your spirit guiding you?
What are you eager to cultivate and create in your life?
What would that feel like?
What are your next steps towards this new vision?


In this 2 part Visioning Workshop you will:

√ Lift your gaze and expand your view.
√ Take stock of where you are and how you’re growing.
√ Ask questions and receive your inner guidance.
√ Download and write out a new vision for your life.
√ Adjust your posture and set course for a future that lights you up.
√ Integrate and embody the energy of your vision now.



Part I: BIG VISION Session

Saturday, September 18
9 – 12pm Pacific


Wednesday, September 22
7 – 8:30pm Pacific



Or $197 for both workshops + one follow up coaching session



We meet via Zoom. Each segment will be recorded and available within a few hours of each cal

Note: Let these two workshop times be YOUR focused time. Carve out the space to sit with us. No interruptions or multi-tasking. Make it be sacred time. I’ll guide the process but your vision will come forth from the guidance within you. Pen to paper, deep listening within — it will emerge.




Jessica Colp is a life coach, teacher, and seeker. After coaching hundreds of people over the last twelve years, she can assure you — no matter what is unfolding in your life, nothing is as stuck or solid or unchangeable as you think! She’s studied and practiced many healing modalities over the years, yet her biggest values are kindness and generosity, and she’s realized that they’re also two of her biggest tools. Jessica is interested in healing, innovation, science, leaders with character, good books, and conversations about possibilities.




“Jessica is my personal beacon or compass. Guiding me in uncharted territories with curiosity like a scientist in the lab. No fear only the question “what else is possible” and “life is truly for us” oh and there is a cherry on top-she does all this with the enthusiasm of a giddy student of life desiring to share all that she knows with the curious.”

“Every class Jessica has invites me to expand my awareness in a gentle and accepting way, with no judgment. She is kind hearted, clear, loving and encourages one to see One’s Self in a greater Light, with such ease. Every class is well worth the time, and the replay, to continue One’s growth.”

“Jessica, your facilitation is truly eyeopening. Your words encourage me to grow out of my shell. I feel safe and heard and accepted for who I am.”

“These classes bring me so much purpose and joy!“

“I alway learn a little bit more about me. I can see how I am important and how life is really there to support me.“

Jessica, you have such a genuine, loving approach to your classes and sessions and I always come away more aligned with who I am and how wonderful it is to be me. Your classes and sessions bring so much clarity and confidence in myself and that is priceless! I’m so grateful to know you!”

“I am taking away a centered, calmness that allows me to show up more fully my authentic self.“

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