Every so often, re-evaluate

Posted on 12 September 2021

It’s good to slow down every so often to re-evaluate.

Where am I headed? Am I on course? Do I still want what I have been aiming for?

If you do, great! Tap back into that vision. Feel again what you’re excited to be creating. Let it energize you.

If you don’t, that’s good information too. Sometimes we’ve changed so much we have new desires. Sometimes we’ve reached where we wanted to be, and it’s time for a new vision. It’s important to honor that.

It’s always wise to slow down enough to listen within before you plot a new course. Ask yourself some big questions about what you truly want and truly value. Listen to your heart and your spirit.

You might need to shake off some negativity and step out of some limiting points of view. You might need to remind yourself that you have a right to grow, change and reach for more. We need to do this, for ourselves and our world — stay agile, be resilient, dream better dreams.

Slowing down to get clear and aligned, actually speeds things up. The more we are clear and aligned, the easier our path unfolds.

Sit with your journal and do some visioning, or join me next weekend for the Fall Visioning Workshop I’m offering via zoom. If it’s hard for you to sit and focus, you’re not alone! The energy of a guide and a group can help a lot! Mostly, I’m excited to offer this workshop as an opportunity to step out of default mode into choice, out of stagnancy into new life. If you need that, come play!

There’s always outer work to do to create something new in your life, but the inner work comes first.

To that end, I’m here for you.

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