Might this time of quarantine be a huge gift to you?
Might you create and generate something new in your life because of the Coronavirus?
Might you use these days to reset and attune to the deep and clear wisdom that is within you?

I say YES!

I want you to reach the other side of this experience grateful for every single day of it. I want you to emerge more abundance, more centered, and more clear than ever before. I want you to be reset and refreshed from the inside out.

In that spirit, I invite you to EVERY DAY, a monthly membership group for conscious community and daily practice.

EVERY DAY is a community. It’s a class setting. It’s aim is to remind you to tune inward, release fear, receive from Life and create with it… no matter the outer circumstances and conditions.


Here’s what you’ll receive in EVERY DAY:

• A Daily Practice Class.  Every day at 12pm Pacific, we’ll go live in a 15 – 20 minute video Zoom meeting in which I’ll guide you with questions and tools to tune inward, receive your inner wisdom, connect to the greater field of Life, and energetically co-create with it. Each day will be different. Each day will be high-vibe and uplifting.

• The audio recording of each day’s mini-class uploaded for you to keep and re-listen to over and over as you feel called to.

• A community of friends on the journey with you.  We connect via Facebook group.

• Plus if you’d like to join me for ten minutes of silent meditation before class, meet me in our Zoom meeting at 11:45am Pacific. I’ll be here every day turning inward.

• And, you can also stay after class for ten or so minutes of open lines and conversation with your community members.


How you take part in EVERY DAY is up to you.

I’m committed to being here every day through the end of quarantine. I invite you to show up every day too! Perhaps you’ll show up to the live Zooms every day or only some days. Perhaps you’ll find that listening to the audio recordings of the main practice time is all you need.  Perhaps you’ll allow EVERY DAY to be your church or temple, and you’ll receive more from our daily practice than you could imagine.  Choose according to what you need and desire.


For the first time ever I’m offering this as a ‘pay what you choose’ group.

Normally a 3 week daily practice class is $133 – $150, but I don’t know how long this quarantine will last, or what your resources are during this time. So, I leave it up to you.  Honor system. Any amount you choose to pay will be totally appreciated and fully received with love

Send your money exchange once a month via Venmo to @Jessica_Colp or PayPal to jess@jessicacolp.com.

(Note: I desire for you abundance, a huge return on the investment of any inner work you do, and ease with all things related to money. We’ll ask for this in our daily practice, and what you ask for, you receive!)


Why take part?

While this time could be scary and  fearful, it doesn’t have to be. This could be a RICH time for you!  It’s your choice.  Remembering on the daily to live in a higher vibration than fear will make a world of difference in regards to what you create from this experience.

Also, in a time of isolation, it’s easy to feel separate, but you’re don’t have to. We can create community and connection easily.

And finally, this invitation that life has given us — to be still and at home — is so precious!  Let’s not disregard the gifts of this time. Let’s receive it fully and use this time to our full advantage.


Are you a YES to this? 

If so, no registration process needed.  Simply request to join the Facebook Group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/everydaycommunity

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