Even when you can’t see it, Life is working out for you.

Posted on 11 May 2023

Over and over again I remember that what I need is actually here for me.

The ingredients for the life that I want are here.

The people and connections that I need are here.

The inspiration I’m seeking is just a thought away.

It’s a big broad world and the field of Life around me contains it ALL!

If on certain rough days or in certain tense moments, I can’t see that, it doesn’t mean it isn’t so. It’s up to me to open my eyes and soften my resistance such that I can receive. It’s up to me to shift my vision.

So over and over again I remind myself that things ARE working out for me.

More is in place than isn’t in place.

More is happening than I can see.

Very likely, the manifestations I desire are closer than I think.

As I remember that, I change, and then the world I see around me does too.

I know it’s easy to lose faith and hope. It’s easy to get discouraged and tense about what isn’t happening.

But if you pause and notice what IS working for you, you’ll shift your gaze and soften your field such that more that matches that energetic of support and fulfillment lands in for you.

Relax. Breathe. Feel your feelings. And then be grateful.

Beauty is around you.

Kindness is around you.

Life is around you working out in wonderful and mysterious ways. Receive it as such.


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