Don’t settle.

Posted on 18 August 2022

Recently I was reminding a client in a very difficult situation:

You don’t have to settle.
You don’t have to suffer.
You don’t have to bend over backwards or compromise yourself to make something work that isn’t working.
Is there any area of YOUR life in which you need this reminder too?

You are a creator.  You’ve worked with the ingredients you’ve been given and created your life thus far.  It’s good and even amazing that you’ve created what you’ve created.

And…  creations can change!
Remember that you can have a Life that feels good to you.  Then focus forward — what would you like it to be like next?  Look like?  Feel like?

What are the qualities of that life?

And who will you be in it?

It actually takes some discipline to focus and imagine what isn’t yet here. It requires over-riding your default brain, but it’s part of what will help you get unstuck.

My client has a journey to go on.  Her situation isn’t going to transform itself in a day or a week, but it can and will change as she feels worthy of more.   Instead of being resigned to suffering, she has to remember repeatedly that it doesn’t have to be this way.  Feeling a sense of possibility beyond where she’s at will help her get stronger in herself.  Her path forward will become more clear when she’s reaching for it.

If it’s been a while since you’ve felt a pull towards a future that feels good and bright to you, pause and redirect your focus forward into that vast field of possibility ahead of you.  Call forth your highest, wisest self to open your eyes and inspire you in the direction of more.

You’re here to thrive and grow, not settle or suffer. I know this for you!

Our minds are usually so shaped by the past and stuck in the present that they have a hard time perceiving the as-yet-unknown yet full-of-possibility future.  You can, however, train yourself into growth mindsets and visionary views.  That’s what coaching is about!

I’d be happy to help you step into a new vision of your life. I offer a 12 session package for $2,000.  Interested?  Book a consultation here.

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