Don’t rush to fix

Posted on 19 October 2022

The more present you are to what’s here, the more clear you will be about action.

It’s hard to remember that.

When stuff is going on, we want to take action first. Fix it. Clean it up. Move it forward. Get out of this state.


First, get present. Be still and feel it. All of it.

This is what is.

It’s uncomfortable to be present.

It doesn’t mean that you’ll do nothing. Or be a passive receiver of an experience.

You’re checking in and gathering information.  You’re receiving awareness.

Your pause keeps you from reacting.

You’re the creator of your life, but you can’t create until you are here. Fully here. Fully present. Fully aware.

And then… plugged in to the truth of what IS, something will rise up within you.

A response. An inspiration. A knowing.

It will guide you forward.

Slow down, my friend. Slow down.

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