Does your life work for you?

Posted on 06 June 2018

I have the interesting point of view that your life should actually work FOR you.

√ Your friendships should work for you. Create a Life that Works for You
√ The city you live in and the home that you’ve created should contribute to you.
√ Whatever your work in the world is, it should light your fire.
√ Whoever you sleep with should contribute to your body, and spending time with this person should make you more money.
√ What you’re creating as your body and your style should be fun for you.

Your life should work FOR you.

I know I’m using the world ‘should’ over and over here, and what I’m describing might seem kind of ideal, but come on…

It’s YOUR LIFE! It’s created based on YOUR choices!

If the major components of your life are not working FOR you, contributing to your joy and your glow, that’s crazy! I’ll tell you — they can and they should.

That’s why people hire me.

Because some moments you might look around your world and realize “this doesn’t work for me” or “I don’t like this” or “I’m giving but I’m not receiving from my life right now”. And if that’s where you realize you’re are, that’s the moment to ask some questions, expand your awareness, shift some energy, and change it!

Choose again.

Choose differently.

Be willing to uncreate something.
Be willing to receive what you haven’t been receiving.
Be willing to destroy it all, to laugh at it all, to stomp your foot, or drop your defenses and change it.

And again, and again and again…

Creating a life that works for you isn’t something you do once and then it’s good. It’s something you choose every day.

And a coach at your side who will challenge what you’re choosing, who will ask you questions, who will remind you that more is possible — that’s what I get to be for my clients.

Would having a coach on your team, contribute to you?

If so, choose it! Book some sessions:

Once a week, once a month, once a season? You don’t even have to know when we get started. You just start. You show up, bring your life to the table, and we go from there — into more.

Purchase an introductory 75 minute session for $150. We’ll record it. We’ll shift a lot of energy. You can listen to it again. You’ll have homework, more clarity, and a shift in energy that will start to change things even before we hang up the phone together.

And what else is possible?

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