Does your life reflect you – truly?

Posted on 12 December 2022

Is what’s in your life a fit for you?

I know what it is to find myself in relationships and situations that aren’t me.

I know what it looks like when someone has created a life that looks pretty good on the outside, but that feels deeply unfulfilling and inauthentic on the inside.

I’ve been there and so have my clients.

Ending up in something that isn’t representative of the truth of you usually happens slowly as a result of small actions or in-actions.

Not speaking up.
Letting your boundaries be crossed.
Taking the safe path at the expense of your heart’s promptings or your soul’s desires.

Or maybe you just didn’t slow down enough to feel what was true for you and thus ended up being carried to outcomes that aren’t reflective of who you really am.

Staying true to yourself takes some work. Continuing to stay connected and true takes tending.

But what is better work than this?

When your life feels true and aligned to your very being, it’s precious and fulfilling. That kind of authentic living is somewhat rare. It’s a life of integrity that brings online your deeper heart and soul wisdom and leads you to greater presence and integrity with all others in your life too.

Seek it, Friend. When something feels out of integrity to you, pay attention. When something begins to feel ill-fitting, get curious.

You’re growing and evolving all the time. Living authentically and true to yourself is a dance of listening and expressing, transforming and changing your creations as you go. What once fit you may not now. What was your truth yesterday may not be your truth tomorrow. Stay agile and honest.
Your life is YOUR life to create and recreate — and it should suit you.

P.S. If you could use support in that quest of integrity and authenticity, receive it. Work with me next year in weekly sessions. Book a consultation here.

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