Do You Have Your Own Back?

Posted on 10 January 2018

Most of my life I’ve been very aware of what other people need, what they feel, and what they want. I can read other people easily. Can you? It’s a capacity that’s super useful, but I can also use it against myself.

When I take care of everyone else’s needs and don’t even hear the needs of my body…
When I am so aware of other people’s minds, I lose track of my own truth…
When I see through other people’s eyes rather than my own…
When I stop creating what works for me, and let other people’s desires dominate…

None of that is fun. And none of those choices are satisfying or sustainable.

Can you relate?if I had my own back

Try asking this: If I had my own back here, what would I choose?

Would you speak up? Leave? Say yes? Or say no?
Would you keep doing what you’re doing, or would you do something different?

When you don’t exclude you from your life, what else is possible to have, receive, or create?

I invite you to THAT! To knowing what’s true for you and having the presence and potency that IS you.

No more excluding you.
No more betraying you.
No more making someone else’s reality more valid or real than your own.

Want to practice that with me?

The Have Your Own Back Class has been brewing for a while. Details are HERE. We’ll be using the tools of Access Consciousness™, reading a really great guide to creating relationships that work, and getting real about what’s true — for you — in all of your relationships.

Do you realize you’re unstoppable when you HAVE all of you? That’s what having your own back is all about.

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