Do you give too much to your job?

Posted on 27 October 2022

I’ve coached many people over the years in various states of work-life imbalance, from mildly over-extended to completely sucked dry and devastated, and I can confidently tell you this:

You have a right to be well rounded — to have time for your joy as well as your work.  Truly, it is your right!

Despite any expectation to the contrary, you don’t have to give yourself up to meet anyone else’s expectations.

You don’t have to give so much that it becomes detrimental to your health and well being, your family, and your soul.

You don’t owe that to any job.

If you find yourself giving too much and losing yourself, draw back.

Seek a different view. This is yours to change.

What are you believing that has you over-giving?
For who or what are you overcompensating?
What are you trying to prove here, and what is that costing you?

If you’re covering for someone else, being responsible for what they should be responsible for, you may be propping them up in the short term but you’re not doing them (or the system that created this dynamic) any favors in the long term.

If your integrity or values are casualties to your job, this is unacceptable.

If you’re meeting unreasonable expectations by doing way more than is possible to sustain, what needs to be corrected or improved won’t be.

If you’re over-giving in one area, another area of your life is suffering the cost.

There is another way.

You matter!  Your well-being matters. Your health matters. Your joy matters.

Take some space and remember your true priorities. Your work is important, but it is not what defines you or determines your worth.

Maybe you need to leave the job you’re in, or maybe you need to change who you are within the job… but something else is possible.

There’s a way to come into a healthy relationship with yourself that will help you come into healthy relationship with your life.  It may take time and some deep inner work, but it’s worth it.

You are worth it.

When you’re struggling to re-prioritize what matters most to you, and find your balance amid a variety of pressures, support yourself with coaching. I’ll help you slow down, see the bigger picture, and find your feet again.  Book your times with me HERE.

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