Do you feel sufficient?

Posted on 16 August 2023

Below are some clues that you are living the opposite of I AM ENOUGH. Notice when you are:

  • Overworking and spreading yourself thin.
  • Trying to prove or convince others.
  • Taking actions from a state of effort / push instead of inspiration and flow.
  • Taking more responsibility than you need to.
  • Shaping your personality to please others.
  • Feeling insecure, anxious or self-consciousness.
  • Over-inflating the truth.
  • Apologizing excessively.

When you catch yourself in anything that feels like the above, be gentle with yourself. Of course you do these things! We’ve all been taught to. But there IS another way.

Relax. Lean back. Find your feet.

Come to center inside of yourself.


You’re not deficient!

You’re not lacking.

You are whole and complete.

You are an expression of the Divine.

You are a deep well of knowing, possibility, inspiration and impulse.

As I remind you of this, I’m directing you towards your own natural state of sufficiency because I know the when you orient yourself there, you brighten and align. This is where your truest power lies.

The more you relax within, the more you naturally emanate confidence, knowing and clarity.

This is the basis of a healthy self-esteem.

Practice with me! The I Am Enough class begins Friday. It’s a two week class to support you in resetting your relationship with yourself and unleveling your self-talk.  I’d love to have you join.

You can also book sessions when you can’t find your enougness on your own.

I see you! You’re bright, amazing and awesome — just as you are!

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