Do you believe in happily ever after?

Posted on 22 November 2022

I officiated a wedding last weekend for a client who met the love of her life while we were coaching together. Session after session we talked of the love she desired, she became the person who could have this love, and Friends — this love ARRIVED!!

Her partner is so perfectly what she was asking for (and more!), in our sessions we still shake our head and marvel at how good it is.

This is the fourth wedding I’ve officiated for clients! Isn’t that an amazing thing? It’s such an honor to have such a front row seat to someone’s dreams come true.

Basking in the after-glow of that glorious wedding day has left me feeling even more tender as I hold space for my other clients’ dreams.

Everyone I am working with has dreams and desires for the next expression of their life, AND everyone I am working with has doubts that they are worthy or that they can have what it is they want.

They can.

I hold space that they will.

While it’s true that ‘happily ever after’ is a bit of a myth in regards to the fact that we don’t just reach a pinnacle of happiness and stay there, ‘happily ever after’ is, in my book, something to reach for consistently.

I want you to live in such appreciation for your life that happiness is your baseline.

I want you to become so familiar and used to happiness as your state of being that when the bumps on your path leave you miserable and unhappy you don’t settle for that as your new normal.

I want you to remember that you can have great things in your life —great love, great work, great friendships, great fulfillment….!

I want you to audaciously reach for those next states of fullness and joy —whatever that is for YOU —and feel worthy of it

I want you to remember consistently that it is all possible, such that you step towards your dreams with confidence and anticipation.

You can have the joy and fulfillment that you want.

You can create it.
You can attract it.
You can receive it.

I know that for you. Do you know that for yourself?

When you muster faith for your dreams, you set yourself on an adventure of self growth. It will include healing. It will include uncomfortable moments. And it will challenge you. But it will be rich and it will be worth it.

Your dreams transform you. Reaching for more requires you to become a person who can HAVE more. If you choose, that’s where I come in.

My role as a coach is to help you hold steady, keep your gaze lifted, and your focus on the future you’re calling forth. I remind you of what’s true when you forget and keep you from sinking and veering off your path when you’re feeling rocked by circumstances or setbacks. I hear you and see you and love you — all of you! Somewhere in our work together those secret shames and doubts you walk with, met with care, dissolve. You become more whole and more confident, more open and more radiant. And that’s when magic happens.

Some clients work with me weekly. Others work with me monthly or seasonally. It’s an investment for sure, but your life and your dreams are worth it.

This is your life. Let it be great!

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