Do you approach as a critic?

Posted on 14 August 2018

Have you noticed that how you approach anything matters a great deal?

If you lead with criticism or barge in with a strong-arm agenda, you’re likely to create conflict.

Yet, when you approach anything — a person, place, situation, animal, or your own body! — with curiosity and no judgment, you create a spacious field of possibility.

Say hi.
Acknowledge what’s there.
Be spacious and open.
Have interest and curiosity.

What does that create?

Relaxation. Possibility. A listening and receiving from which something new can be created.

Really. Try this with an animal. With your boss. With the TSA agent at the airport. With your mother. With a baby. With your garden.

And Friends… try it with your BODY!

How often have you greeted your body with a steel intent to shape it into something else?
Or a desire to mask what it really looks like?
Or a frustration at it’s apparent dysfunction?

Does your iron will over your body really create more?  Or does it actually create a war?

Try something different.

In last month’s Dominant Energy class, we played with the potent energy of softness and kindness, and one of my students requested that in our next class we focus this energy on our bodies. She even gave me the name of this new class — Happy with My Body. And so it is. We begin this week.

We’ve got tools, and ten weeks to practice choosing something new with our bodies. I’ll guide you with weekly calls and assignments. Does this light you up?

Feel into the possibility.

If you approached your body differently, and actually chose to be happy with it, would that change your body?

Might it actually create the space for your body to contribute to you, respond to your requests, or heal with ease?

If those questions excite your body, say yes and join the Happy With My Body class.

We begin our pre-launch on Friday, August 17 and continue for ten Mondays in a row.

Also, as a warm up to that class, I’m offering two FREE calls this week — You and Your Body Relationship Coaching Zooms — and I’d love to have you join us.

Click HERE to read more and register. 

Lead with kindness, and approach with gentleness.

And what else is possible?

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