Did 2016 surprise you?

Posted on 28 November 2016

How are you doing? Did 2016 turn out to be a bit different from what you thought it was going to be?  It did for me!

A few weeks ago, right after the election, I hosted a free Energy Shifting Group Coaching Call.  It came from a request of a client-friend who asked for help accessing that space of possibilities she knows is there … she just couldn’t easily find it in the emotional drama of post-election chaos.

The call was lively!  It attracted people of varying political perspectives, and it wasn’t a call about opinion — it was a call about energy.  What energy are you BEING in this political climate?  What energy are you BEING in your life?  And what is that creating? 

(If you’d like to hear that call, find the recording HERE.)

I’m still asking those questions of myself and my clients and friends.

Honestly, I love political discussions, and I follow politics closely.  You could easily get me talking about my own stance on government, social issues, economic policies and law.  I’ve got opinions, for sure!  However, I am well aware that who I am BEING is far more important that my opinion on any matter.

Am I BEING a presence that creates with kindness and respect?  Am I bulldozing through my world with an energy of judgment, anger or blame?  Or am I hiding from what is unfolding in my world and pretending that it isn’t?

I’m aware of what each choice creates.  Kindness is actually a very potent energy — it’s not weak.  Respect can soften or even dissolve walls and barriers.  Anger, judgment and blame?  Well, I’m not immune to being those energies, however, I often have to go back to repair what they create when I use them.  And being unconscious to what is unfolding around me?  I don’t choose that.

How about you?

We always have choice.  What we are BEING is creating our life.  If we desire to live in a world that works for everyone, who do we have to BE to create it?  If we desire more equality or opportunity or justice, who do we have to BE to call it forth?

These questions don’t evoke simple answers. They do direct us, though.  They open doors of awareness and activate energies that are going to be different from what created the current circumstances.

Who do you have to BE to create the world that you desire to live in?

Maybe for you it’s time to BE more outspoken.
Maybe it’s time to speak less and listen more.
Maybe it’s time for you to meet your neighbors, get active in your community, volunteer your time, or start paying attention to what’s going on around you.
Maybe it’s time to unplug and plant a garden.

Heck, I can’t answer the question FOR you.  I CAN ask it WITH you!

If this is the kind of conversation that inspires you, join me for the Post Election Free Call #2 that I’m hosting tomorrow, Tuesday at 8pm PST.  It’s called Rock the Shock: Be the Change! Register HERE.

I also highly encourage you to sign up for December’s Daily Practice class, Be the Change: 21 Days of Creating Differently.  It begins Thursday, December 1.  We meet by phone (or recording) every day for 21 days, and practice energetic tools of creation.  The aim of this class is to close out 2016 with small actions that create big waves in our lives.  Details HERE.

I invite you to step forward to BE the difference that changes the world.

Be the person who changes the tone when there is division at the office.  Be the person who creates community in your neighborhood. Be the person who stands up and uses the intensity of an argument to create something powerful and new for everyone.

You can do that.  You can BE that.

You can change the world.

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