An invitation to tune up your powers of deliberate creation

Posted on 05 February 2023

There’s so much joy possible when we’re in the flow, easily attracting and experiencing what we desire. I know you’ve had times in your life like this — times of major manifestations! Like when you landed a job you wanted, synchonicistically met your new best friends, or manifested money out of nowhere right when you needed it.

If you think back to those times in your life, can you remember how you felt?

Who were you being?

It’s always out of who we are being that our worlds are created.

I know you know this. Applying it, though, is the trick!

I haven’t taught a manifesting class for quite a while, nor have I run an extended group coaching program for a number of years. But, this year, when I checked in to what felt really fun and delightful to me, that’s what I wanted.

I want to hold space for you to root deeply in the basic principles of creation:

Like attracts like.
Your thoughts create your reality.

And you can be conscious and deliberate about that.

If you feel the call to become more focused, deliberate and conscious about what you’re creating in 2023, join me for this year’s Manifesting Mastermind.

In our first season of this mastermind we’ll be reading Ask and It Is Given by Abraham-Hicks. This is my favorite book on manifesting. It’s simple, powerful and practical.

In our intimate group setting, I’ll offer you guided practices, accountability, coaching, and the space to witness and be witnessed. We learn so much from each other when we gather this way to grow.

Read more and register HERE. We start on Monday, February 13.

P.S. This year holds so many possibilities! You may sometimes feel discouraged or small in your dreams and desires, but it doesn’t take much to shake off that vibe and remember again that you can have what you want. When you need support in that, I’m here for it. Classes are one way to support yourself. Sessions are another. Give yourself what you need to thrive.

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