Create Your Magical Life Radio Interview with Alana Sheeren

Posted on 14 September 2015

Alana Sheeren, host of “Create Your Magical Life” radio show, interviewed me this month and asked me the best questions about my favorite subjects.  She got me talking about manifesting and the difference between manifesting and creating.  She asked me about prayer and ritual and my favorite ‘priestesss’ practices.  She asked about the Akashic Records and how I work with clients in that realm.  And she somehow got me sharing some of my favorite low points and high points in this wild journey of creating my life in Los Angeles — like how I manifested a place to live rent free my first nine months in LA.

I was nervous to be on the radio, which was silly because Alana is an amazing interviewer and our conversation actually felt like sitting down with a friend for a fun and lively chat about the stuff that really matters.  More of that please!  Find the episode here:

Create Your Magical Life – You and the Universe: Manifesting your Dreams with Jessica Colp

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