The House of Creativity convenes twice in March.

Posted on 26 February 2019

We’re almost at March – time flies!  How has your year been so far?

Perhaps you’d like to press the pause button and give yourself space to reground and recenter.

Get curious — “Where is my energy going?  What am I aligning with?  Am I creating what I’d like to have?”

I invite you to that space of expansion and re-centering in two day long events in March at my home in Glendale.

Come to the… House of Creativity!

In a small group setting you’ll journal, meditate, vision, and embody the energy of your creations so they can show up with ease.

√ Sit with your dreams, turn up your knowing and get present to what is possible
√ Align with the energy of your desired creations
√ Clear your limiting beliefs and judgments about what you can and can’t have so you can receive what you desire

Saturday, March 2 – Life Project

Are you aiming to create more money in your life?  More sex or a new relationship?  A different experience with your body?  A new career or home?  This day is for you to envision the next greatest version of your life.

Saturday, March 10 – Business Enterprises

Do you have a new branch of business to staff and launch?  A product or service you haven’t fully stepped into?  An album or book to create or release?  Come to the business day and bring it all to the table.

The House of Creativity is a day long VIP coaching intensive with consciousness tools for alignment. Choose either Saturday or come to both.  Details HERE.

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