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Join me in monthly virtual workshops to create new realities in your life.  Each month a new topic, each call an invitation to greater consciousness and expanded awareness.

Each workshop is 60-75 interactive minutes by phone with energetic clearings and processes, including many tools of Access Consciousness®.  Here is your opportunity to receive powerful coaching + pragmatic tools of consciousness.  Be there live OR submit your questions beforehand and tune in afterwards by recording.  All calls will be available via .mp3 recording the same day.

What are you willing to create in your life?  What are you willing to choose?  Come, play with me!


October’s Consciousness Workshop:

The EASE of BEING Sexy!


October workshopHow attractive are you feeling in your life? 

Are you attracting what you desire?

Or have you forgotten what it’s like to walk with a strut, to turn heads when you walk into a room, and to easily receive what you desire (even before you ask for it)?

Despite what your head might want you to believe, let me remind you that being attractive — being SEXY — is a choice.  And if you haven’t been choosing to be sexy, perhaps now is the time to change that.

When you are walking in the world, willing to be seen, delighting in your life and in having a body, you are SEXY!  And when you are sexy (and you know it!), what can you not create?

Come, join me for an energy clearing conversation!  Let go of the judgements and lies you bought into, the expectations and conclusions that restrict you, and any old definitions and ideas about being sexy that are keeping you from having FUN, shining bright, and attracting what you desire.

Held on Thursday, October 27, at 7pm PST, this is an interactive workshop that you create with me.  Bring your questions, desires and your stuck points to the line, and let us ‘workshop’ it with you.  In each live workshop there is plenty of space for Q & A so that you receive the breakthroughs that you desire.

$33 (includes .mp3 recording of the call)


What participants say…

“Jessica, thank you for your workshop call on career. Creating more space and awareness for me around what is possible was extremely valuable, and I loved the lightness of the interaction. The whole conversation was really beneficial and opened up more possibilities to me. I especially enjoyed playing with the questions and seeing which ones felt right for me.” – Cherry in Los Angeles

“I loved to be in the class and hear how other people struggle with things exactly as I do, and also differently than I do. I gained tools, knowledge, perspective and so much encouragement!” – M.D. in Los Angeles

“I LOVED the “Letting Go of Your Exes” call! I got so much out of it & it was so beautiful to meet such brave women (most of whom I know) in their vulnerability. I’ve listened to it twice thus far. Lol. Thank you so much! I absolutely adore you!”  UPDATE 6 months later:  “From that call I chose a different reality & I have YOU to thank! If I hadn’t uncreated & destroyed the lie that “men don’t choose me” & that “The guys I like never like me back”, I wouldn’t be in this fairy tale-esque romance right now. Maybe it’ll work out with him, maybe it won’t but, I know for sure he’s here to confirm that my old way of thinking was bullshit. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” – J.J. in Los Angeles

“I have felt great physically emotional releases since this class and have been experiencing a very curious higher spiritual vision that I’ve never felt before… I am so used to the unknown scaring me back into my old habit patterns which keep me anxious, depressed and lethargic but this new way feels so LIGHT I have to explore it!! … I feel like this awareness of self and ability to finally work on releasing my old fears has opened my life up to new creative heights and endless spiritual potential for enlightenment! I feel free.″ - A.W. in Fairbanks, Alaska

“Since The Creation Call, I have been so freed up about money. I have been more in-tune with my clients and spoke freer (without judgement or second guessing myself). I earned money and had less judgement about how much and frequency of clients. I have repeated my new mantra I am open to receiving love and money and what a difference. Thank you Jessica for opening the space with me and to everyone who held the space.” – E.C in Long Beach, CA

“Jessica, you were channeling some very powerful healing energy today. I was really helped by your words and suggestions regarding my situation with my wife.  Thank you. The impact has been profound at a very fundamental level.  I feel healed of that situation and more actively feeling the feeling that it was right to move on and to continue to move on and not look back.  Thank you again!” – D.B. in Albany, NY




from September’s Workshop:

Creating a NEW REALITY with MONEY!


What’s your current money reality?  Is it abundant, scarce, chaotic, confusing, fearful, fun…? As good as your relationship may (or may not) be, what else is possible?
September workshop-4

Imagine you could create a new reality with money. One unlike any that you’ve experienced or seen before.  What would you choose it to be?

What would suit you better?

Whatever your story is about money, whatever you current experience is, whatever limitations you’re perceiving, bring it to the call and let us ‘workshop’ it together.

We’ll shine light on your past choices and creations, while expanding into a future that outcreates your past experiences with money.  How does it get any better?

$33 for .mp3 recording




from August’s Workshop:

What else is possible in my CAREER?


Do you feel stuck on your career path, heading towards a future that doesn’t excite you? Do you feel like there HAS to be more, yet you’re not sure how to find it?  Are your biggest skills being under-utilized or unappreciated?August workshop

Bring it to the call!

What ELSE is possible?

If you can’t see space for advancement or growth, if you’re not making the money you’d like to be making, if you’re not LOVING what you’re doing in those hours you’re at work, let’s shift that. Come and expand with me.

This group coaching call is an energy shifting conversation. Bring your questions, your desires, and your confusion + stuckness to the line, and let us ‘workshop’ it with you.

$33 for the .mp3 recording




from July’s Workshop:

Politics, Polarity + the Presidential Election


Do you lose your mind every time you watch the news or read the comments on political posts? Do you rail against politics of division, yet feel yourself building walls and rejecting ‘the other side’? Do you feel crazy at the ignorance of the public, and angry at people in your friend or family circle for their stupidity?

What ELSE is possible?

This year’s presidential election is a charged event for most people watching.  You can be angry, you can stick your head in the sand… or is there another way to BE with this, and even to contribute?

July workshop simple

Join me for this virtual workshop and…

  • Get present to the ways you’re defending (and contributing) to an old reality.
  • Expand, lower your barriers, and choose beyond separation.
  • Become aware of the energetic contribution YOU can be to the nation (and world!).
  • Ask questions that bypass your thinking and open the door to new realities.
  • Receive, receive, receive…

NOTE: This is NOT a workshop on political opinions. This is a conversation about consciousness. What consciousness can you access as your contribution to politics? What space can you give this election? What energy can you BE within it all? If those questions create lightness in your being, join us and we’ll access MORE!

$45 for the .mp3 recording





from June’s Workshop:

A Creation Call!

You are a creator! You have a continual internal call to create.  You have the capacity to create for yourself — a life that delights YOU – as well as to create a reality that contributes to the planet. 

So check in!  How creative are you being? How receptive?  How aware of possibility? How excited are you for your future?

A little or a lot?

Join me for this virtual workshop and… June Workshop simple

  • Be aware of the field of possibilities available to you (particularly in the areas of fun, money and love)
  • Be present to what you’ve already created; acknowledging yourself for ALL of it!
  • Ask questions that bypass your mind and open the door to more; expand beyond judgment.
  • Access the energy that creation requires.
  • Receive, receive, receive…


Normally $45, this month was my birthday gift to YOU, it’s FREE!

 Would you like to receive the link to the recording?  Email me to request it!




 from May’s Workshop:

Who cares what they think? (a reality check for the people pleaser)


Are you terribly afraid of being judged?  Are you always more aware of other people’s opinions and perceptions than your own?  Do you make decisions based on what other people will approve of, rather than what you truly desire?
May workshop-1

Would you be willing to change that?


Join me for this virtual workshop and…

  • Become more aware of when and how you let other people’s opinions override your own (and change that pattern!).
  • Get honest about what you’re actually creating in your life as a people pleaser.
  • Receive and accept the permission to please YOURSELF before everyone else.
  • Attune to YOUR knowing.

$45 for the .mp3 recording




from April’s 2016:

What do I desire next? (creating a future that turns you on)


Are you in touch with your desires? Do you know what you’re working for?  Do you feel a future ahead of you that excites and inspires you?

What do I desire next(3)

If you don’t, it’s awfully hard to be motivated or inspired in your life.

Join me for this virtual workshop and…

  • Clear the energy of stagnancy that keeps you from knowing your heart’s desires.
  • Become more present to what you have now, and feel into what’s possible next.
  • Ignite your passion and creativity
  • Lean into an expanded future
  • Active your YES to more!

$45 for .mp3 recording




from March 2016:

I Don’t Want to Grow Up (an honest look at avoiding responsibility)

Have you been hoping for a miracle, a knight in shining armor, or a savior so that you don’t have to create your own life?  Are you playing the child so you don’t have to be the adult?I don't want to grow up(1)

Bring your avoidance to the table, and let’s see what you’re really refusing.  What do you NOT want to be so badly that keeps you acting small?

  • Give yourself more space to create than you were given as a child.
  • Release the judgments and projections you have about adults (and yourself!).
  • Expand in awareness of your own creative capacities.
  • Address the inner beliefs that create your avoidance and inertia.
  • Energize your dreams.

$45 for .mp3 recording





From February 2016…

Let Your Exes Go (and make space for new LOVE!)

Are you energetically hanging on to your exes? Are you tied up in a state of PTSD over past relationships? Let your Exes Go(4)

Are you still holding a grudge against past lovers?

Now is great time to let those exes go!   Declutter your heart and make space for a totally new experience of relationship and love.

  • Simplify those complicated stories that make your exes far too significant in your life
  • Release your judgements and embrace your past relationship choices
  • Let go of the conclusions you’ve made about men/women and love
  • Be resonant with the relationship you are now ready to create

 $45 for .mp3 recording








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