Consciousness is Everything!

Posted on 21 March 2015

If there’s one thing I’ve learned through having my own business, it’s that EVERYTHING is about consciousness.  EVERYTHING is created from the inside out!  And I have many many stories to prove it.

My friend and colleague Julie Zipper is joining me for a FREE 2 Part Tele-Series called Consciousness is Everything: How to Build a Conscious Coaching / Counseling Business from the Inside Out!

In these two calls, we’ll be having an intimate conversation about the consciousness that built our practices and infuses our work with clients.  We’re excited to share the various challenges we faced as we’ve grown our practices, what we learned from years of working with clients, and what we see emerging in consciousness from the front lines! Each class will be one hour of power-packed conversation.

When?  Tuesday, March 24 at 12pm PST and Thursday, March 26 at 12pm PST

Class #1 is all about BUSINESS!

√ How did we build our businesses from within?

√ How do we handle the money question from an inside out perspective?

√ What’s been our #1 marketing tool?

√ What’s our most effective practice for calling in new clients?

√ What’s been our toughest challenge, and how did we use consciousness to transform it?

Class #2 is all about the EMERGING CONSCIOUSNESS we are witnessing within our work!

√ What does the process of awakening look like?

√ How do we anchor the field of awakening without having an agenda?

√ What is our highest intention in each and every session?

√ How do we maintain clean energetic boundaries with clients?

√ What do we noticing is emerging on the soul front and how does that relate to planetary awakening?

Does this kind of conversation get you excited?  If so, REGISTER for this FREE 2 Part Series here:

(Register to receive call in numbers and a link to the recording of each call.)

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